Well Done! The Second Day of 2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League Final

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The second day of 2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League Final took place on October 5th at Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

The Swiss watch brand Longines is proud to support in a long-term association with the Longines FEI World Cup TM Jumping- China League and provide its timekeeping services as the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the series.  Longines’ involvement in equestrian sports dates back to 1878.  Elegance , Performance and Tradition are values that both equestrian sports and Longines share, which strengthen the close bounds that the brand has been developing with the equestrian world for more than a century.

COFCO W&W International Co. , Ltd appointed Violette of CHATEAU DE VIAUD Bordeaux,  France as the tournament official red wine sponsor to accompany the audience admire every wonderful moment and marvelous instant of equestrianism competition.




1. 145-150cm World Cup Warm Up

The competition is so fierce that even can compare with the final. Riders with their horses accomplished their performance excellently, 10 pairs among 25 jumped a clear round. German rider Jan Philipp won the first place, the second place was the beauty rider Clarissa Crotta from Switzerland and another German rider Henry Vaske came in third at last 



2. 110-120cm Take Your Own Line Competition

In this competition, riders need to design their own line for themselves of their horses. Due to such a high standard, quite a few riders were eliminated because of erroneous lines or horse refusals. That being said however, some riders still finished their round perfectly. The victory eventually belonged to Wang Zhen and his horse cacharel from Junwei Int. ,  Menghe Batu from Inner Mongolia and Duan Yihua from Beijing scored second and third place.





3. 60-90cm Youth and Horse Owner Competition Second Round

The second round of 60-90cm youth and horse owner competition was held today, riders’ score is the points of two rounds add together. If the riders got the same point, then the winner is who spend less time finishing the competition.

In youth group, Zou Haolin with her horse LING XI from Yuehewan successfully defended her title. Song Jiaming with her horse AVANA and Xu Han from BIEC got the second and third overall.

In the following horse owner group competition,  the riders kept steady and played a more stable performance. Zhang Xianfeng with his horse DolceVita Vy ultimately won the competition, Li Zhe with his horse Shou Shou from Sam and Hu Linan with his horse blumenaua. g. from Shunwei Int. finished second and third respectively.



4.Future Champions Ground Pole Competition

This competition mainly tested the cooperation between young riders and their horses as well as some basic riding skills.  Moreover, it also examined the riding position and accuracy of the young riders.
Finally, Qui Mingshan with her horse Huang Meigui from Goufa won the first place attributed to her awesome accomplishment, Wan Yiran with her horse Chocolate from Shanghai and Song Yuchen with her horse BOSHOVESTAL from Hao Qishi respectively got the second and third place.




In the“Longines Most Elegant Lady Award”activity, the graceful ladies in exquisite attire become the most brilliant scenery of the equestrian arena. Besides, there is an art exhibition of horses to show everyone the perfect combination of equestrianism and art.

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