2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League Final started!

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2016 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League Final started at Chaoyang Park, Beijing on October 4th, which greatly drew the publics attention.
This leg has upgraded to CSI 3* tournament of FEI, total prize-money has reached 1.36 million. Generous award,stunning stars,making the final more fierce and full of suspense.
Equestrianism is a sport which has hundreds of years history,the Swiss watch brand Longines is proud to support in a long-term association with the Longines FEI World Cup TM Jumping- China League. Longines using the exquisite timekeeping to demonstrate its splendid history and cultural notion, and the combination of which has mentioned above perfectly illustrate the elegant charm of equestrianism. COFCO W&W International Co. ,  Ltd appointed Violette of CHATEAU DE VIAUD Bordeaux,  France as the tournament official red wine sponsor to accompany the audience admire every wonderful moment and graceful instant of equestrianism competition.




Future Champions Ground Pole Competition

This competition mainly tested the cooperation between kids riders and their horses as well as some basic riding skills. Moreover, it also examined the riding position and accuracy of the kids riders.
Finally, Zhang Zhining from CKUR won the first place, Ma Wanyi and Shi Zhirang from Equuleus respectively got the second and third place.




60-90cm Youth and Horse Owner Competition
Although the weather began to rain, the young riders still soberly performed with calmness.  At last,Zou Haolin with his horse LING XI from Yuehewan followed by Zhang chuyue from Henan Dili and Chen Yiyun from Junwei Int.  won the youth competition attributed to her fantastic perform.

As the rain became heavier, the riders were somehow impacted by the bad weather. Nevertheless, Jiang Zhixiang from CKUR broke through the predicament and won the horse owner group competition, Hu Linan and from Shunwei Int. and Li Zhe from Sam immediately behind him.




110-120cm Accumulator Competition

The rule of accumulator competition is different from other show jumping competition,  the score of every obstacle is equal to the its sequence.  

If riders choose Joker as the last obstacle, then they can get 20 points when succeed, otherwise they will lose 20 points. Also,  riders can choose average obstacle and earn 10 points when succeed, if not, they will get nothing. However, its worth mentioning that most of riders would like to choose Joker to challenge themselves.  

Ultimately, Menghe Batu from Inner Mongolia with his horse RUBINJA won the competition, Gesang Pingcuo and Zha Xi from Tibet severally finished second and third.



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