2015 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping - China League ended successfully

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The final day of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League turned the league table upside down with Zhao Zhiwen on Bolero winning the Grand Prix and Jumping to the top of the League. Zhao, with this win, jumped from 4th place 20 points behind Patrick Lam who lead the league after the first two events. Zhao secured his ticket to Gothenburg in a jump off for the league win only with Liu Tongyan standing in his way. Liu buckled under pressure leaving the door open for Zhao as his clear round secure his win.

The Chinese riders gave outstanding performances finishing first and second on the podium in the Grand Prix with Zhao Zhiwen taking the win and Liu Tongyan finishing second. Leader going into the league final, Patrick Lam suffered a tough defeat as Vainqueur stopped twice on course. 
Unfortunately world number one had two fences down leaving him without a chance to take part in the jump off. Show Jumping requires a strong bond between horse and rider and after only knowing Wavanta for two days, Brash was unable to perform at him very best. 
ZHAO Zhiwen expressed his admiration to Scott Brash, he believed that Scott rode his horse in a relaxed and steady way, and the competition was also a platform or chance for Chinese riders to learn from those outstanding international riders like Scott. ZHAO again expressed his trust and gratitude to his horse in the press conference. He told the us that,"I brought two horses with me to this competition, they all behaved well, and I was so lucky that i won the last event" He also said that there is still a gap between Chinese riders and international riders, and the participation from the foreign riders to the Chinese events adds more competition and will help the development of the sport in China greatly. Zhao also thanked his sponsors and support to FEI as well as the organising committee.  
In the second round of the 1.30-1.40cm Team and Individual jumping competition, Hermann Klöpper was able to step up and win once more. Klöpper took the individual honours with the only clear round. The team competition was won by Yuehewan Club, followed by Tibet 2nd and BIEC 3rd.
The following competition, 1.20-1.30cm with jump off was won by Wopa Xiakejia on Con Air. Hermann Klöpper slipped in to 2nd but was pleased with his performance- 3rd place went to Danzeng Luodan from Tibet. 
Longines FEI World Cup helps the youth equestrian development
In these five years when FEI World Cup was held in China, Chinese equestrian industry has developed faster and faster, since every year there would be more riders and horses participating in this competition, it has increased from more than 40 pairs (riders with their horses) five years ago to more than 240 pairs. Audiences and people who love horses are increasing every year, at the same time, the riding skill of Chinese riders has largely improved. In this process, youth equestrian sports has obviously developed, the quantity of youth who are accepted by Youth Equestrian Training Centre of Chao Yang Park is rising every year and more and more people send their children there to learn riding and hope equestrian will make their kids kind and strong, at the same time giving them a happy childhood.
The Events are gradually improving and, they have experienced the growth from a simple events held to the combination of competition and exhibition. Today, before the final class of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League, a fashion show with exclusive Longines watches was organized by Longines, which brought the audience a world-class show viewing experience. The organizing committee also specially developed and designed the Global Pegasus Club Lifestyle Exhibition and the Longines Most Elegant Lady Prize as well as a series of other activities, so that the audience can watch world-class show jumping and enjoy a cultural equestrian festival at the same time.
The 2015 Longines FEI World CupTM  Jumping - China League Final has ended successfully, and we are looking forward to the exciting events of this series in 2016!

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