Bianba Ciren: Enjoy the process competing with international riders

Time:2015-04-17 Writer:admin

Including this year's event, it has been Bianba´s fifth time partipating in the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping – China Leauge. Because he participates at competitions of different levels every year, this year Bianba will still participate in the 120 cm - 130 cm and 140 cm - 150 cm classes.

From watching to participating, from a rider's perspective, Bianba really feels something about attracting more foreign top riders coming to China to compete with Chinese riders: "It’s definitely beyond imagination to compete with the world's top riders and Olympic champion riders in those days. However,in a twinkling of an eye, we are able to display the charm of horsemanship with them on the same platform, this really moved me. I really enjoy the process competing with international riders and through communicating with them and further getting their perception and experience, I believe that every Chinese rider will benefit from that."

In the memory of Bianba, what impressed him most was the second year of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping – China League, in which he competed in the final jump-off with the rider Cian O´Connor, who comes from Ireland and won the Bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. Although he “only” got the second place, it had been a quite good performance from Bianba. Another highlight for Bianba was his performance at the final of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping – China League in last October. Once again he stood on the same podium with the world's top riders and ended up perfectly with a second place individually. “I deem it as return and affirmation for my efforts these years and it will also inspire me to work with the same passion and enthusiasm to pursue my future!"

In order to prepare for the competition in 2015, Bianba has been training the horses in coordination, softness and balance etc. He also set a rigorous winter training project. “Losing my weight through aerobic exercises also does well to my competition. Bianba hopes to get results as good as possible through his own and the horses’ efforts this year."I hope I can tap the horses’ full potential in the competition and be able to achieve the perfect effect of combining man and horse to one." He will take three horses to participate in the different competitions in 2015. These three horses are Montendro, a German horse at the age of 12, the 10-year-old dutch horse Clovis and the Danish horse Coffee bean which is only 8 years old. "I am looking forward to meeting more of the world's top riders in the several competitions this year. To compete and communicate with them is of just so much fun!"

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