The second day of the LONGINES FEI World Cup Jumping-China League

Time:2014-10-06 Writer:roby

On October 5, LONGINES FEI WORLD CUP JUMPING-CHINA LEAGUE FINAL came into the second competition day. Today’s occasions include Future Champions Ground Pole Class, H&Y cup Jumping Competition over two rounds, Jumping Competition according to penalties and time, LONGINES FEI World Cup Warm-Up Jumping Competition according to penalties and time.

There were 8 riders from BIEC, Guofa, Equules, Yuehewan, Chaoyang Park attended in the Future Champions Ground Pole Class in the morning. Yu Jiayi representing Guofa and Sumingyu representing BIEC, with the age 10,were the two youngest riders of the competition. Finally, Kong Wanlin representing Yuehewan won the first place. Xu Han representing and Su Mingyu representing BIEC got second and third. These 3 winners got a chance to take photos with Maikel van der Vleuten, who had won the championship at the world equestrian games in Normandy.

In the Youth cup Jumping Competition over two rounds (Height:60-90cm) started later.22 riders attended this competition. Jonathan Ding representing Diamond Horse Club was the champion with zero penalties in 59.54 sec .Chen Yiyun and Jiao Jiao got second and third. In the Owner Competition, Li Zhe representing Italy Farm with zero penalties in 69.58 got the first place. Liu BIlin and Zou Tao followed closely. At the press conference, Li Zhe said, ”her horse ShouShou was 21 years old and was her good teammate, she really appreciated it.” Zou Tao at the 3rd place said the design of the course was characteristic, which gave riders a chance to choose from a wider range.

The last occasion was LONGINES FEI World Cup Warm-Up Jumping Competition(135-140cm) and there were 24 riders from China, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherland and Germany. The 2nd  rider Eric van der Vichael and the 23rd Mikel van der  from Netherland were a father and a son, which was a special point of today. Capt.Michael Kelly was the only one who wore military uniform to attend the occasion. Another thing was that the rider Jean Richards from Switzerland was the spokesperson of Longines Elegant Collection.And Huang Zuping from China was also a very important character of this competition. And the final result of today’s Warm-up was that Can O’Connor (61.64sec.), Eric van der Vichael (62.77sec.) and Jean Richards (63.56sec.) got the first 3 places.

That’s all for today’s competitions, many riders played well in it. And please continue to focus on the following occasions in Oct.6th,2014.

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