The Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League Final will be held in the equestrian field in Chaoyang Park on Oct.4th -7th. In this 4 days, there are going to be over 200 athletes, coaches and technical officials, plus about 160 horses to compete in the events.

        As the most influential equestrian event in China, the organizing committee of FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League has received worldwide support from generous sponsors. These kindness sponsors have been adding energy to the event and develop the “double golden” advantage — golden week and golden location and the quality of this wonderful events, further more the development of china equestrian sports.

      The sponsorship system of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping - China League Final was consist of four class, including the Title SponsorLongines, Diamond Sponsor, Platinum Sponsor, Supplier and Media Partners.

All previous Sponsors

2011: VISA, FAW Volkswagen Audi, Rolex, Beijing Performance & Arts Group, Beijing Haidian Yongtaifupeng Hotel

2012: Rolex, Taikang Life, RED MILLS, NOVOTEL

2013: Rolex, Haoshili, TIO PEPE, RED MILLS

2014: Longines, Huaxia Bank, IMAGEEDU, VSVN, RODER


Rights and Benefits of Sponsors (There are differences between different sponsor classes).

1.    Advertisements

i.       Advertisements within the venue

ii.      Branded obstacles

iii.     Product placement within the venue

iv.    The venue’s overhead screen

v.     Advertisements Within the Vicinity of the Venue: The Horse Entrance, the Grandstand, the VIP Area, the Parent - Child Activities Area

vi.    The Exhibition Booth at Public Area (size to be discussed): Related activities can be organized in this region, such as show case of product.

2.    Intermediary Broadcasting Exposure Opportunities

i.       CCTV-5 television broadcasting and advertising video release (Logo appears).

ii.      Exposure on official websitehomepage, words links, special coverage.

iii.     The opening ceremony background board, the prize given ceremony background board, the registration area background board, Instruction boards at the venue, the VIP box, press conference background boards, venue flags advertising exposureBrand LOGO’ s size is 1/2 of the title sponsor.

iv.    The official ceremony and activities: press conferences, the parent-child activities and the “Riders’ night”Brand LOGO’ s size is 1/3 of the title sponsor’ s

v.     During the event, there will be a news center set up at the venue where the platinum sponsors magazines and promotional material will be on display (Third choice privilege)

3.    Intellectual Property Rights

i.       The intellectual property rights regarding the name and reputation of diamond sponsor

ii.      Event intellectual property rights: The FEI World CupTM Jumping China League emblem, constitution logo, pictures, video footage and company products can be used at venue retail outlets, specialist stores or in conjunction with promotional brochures, company websites, broadcasts, outdoor advertising and television content

4.    Event Hospitality

i.       Prize given guestOne representative of your enterprise will be authorized to attend the award ceremony and present awards to the winning rider.

ii.      VIP room: Second choice privilege with regards to seating location

iii.     Company section: second choice selection privilege: Interaction with the Riders: Taking photos or communicating with 1 or 2 riders who was not busy taking competition.

5.    Public Relations Activities Support: After the game, The organizing committee will provide equestrian experience to sponsors, as the public relations activities, including :

i.       BIEC (amount to be discussed )

ii.      Chaoyang Park Youth Equestrian Training Center (amount to be discussed )

6.    Rights to Sponsor Associated Events

i.       Rights to sponsor the official ceremony and activities of the organizing committee  (Second choice selection privilege, extra costs)

ii.      Rights to sponsor other equestrian events and related activities held by the organizer- CNSI (extra fees, special discount price)

iii.     Rights to sponsor China’s equestrian youth team (extra fees, special discount price)


7.    Other Rights

i.       Authorized worker entry permits, entrance tickets and parking spaces: a few authorized entry permits; a few entrance tickets (which also allow access to the VIP area); a few parking space passes, discounted price for extra parking spaces if needed

ii.      Authorized entry permits, official guide, event brochure, event promotional products, technical documentation, posters, advertising, ticketing services and press release brand exposure

iii.     Obtain officially published reports and documentation


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